Monty Pelican Society: October Meeting, 2012 Meeting

An Economics for All: Exploring the ‘not-for-profit’ model

What if, over the next 40 years, economies around the world could transition to futures beyond economic growth whilst simultaneously increasing happiness, access to essential services and human innovation? In this thought-provoking MPS talk, Donnie Maclurcan will explore emerging possibilities for a ‘not for profit world’; in which every business has, as its primary objective, the fulfillment of social needs.

Date: Wednesday, October 3

Time: 5.30pm-7.00pm

Venue: Seminar Room 6, Lvl 1, Merewether Building, University of Sydney, Darlington Campus

Readings: Planned Economic Contraction: the emerging case for degrowth by Samuel Alexander

Guest Speaker

Donnie Maclurcan is co-founder of the Post Growth Institute – an international group exploring and inspiring paths to global prosperity that don’t rely on economic growth and the conveners of Free Money Day. He is also the founder and ideas guy at Project Australia – a community organisation helping people start, scale and sustain not-for-profit initiatives. He’s passionate about innovative yet simple approaches to social change and likes to build on what’s already working, whilst retaining a critical lens by which to make such observations. He’s recently written a book titled Nanotechnology and Global Equality, co-edited another: Nanotechnology and Global Sustainability and is working on his next one: Not for Profit World: An EcoNomics for All. Donnie holds a PhD in social science from the University of Technology, Sydney.

MPS is a project of the SEARCH Foundation ( )

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