Is our growth-based economic system leading us to a future of prosperity and plenty for all? US author and speaker Richard Heinberg argues that the opposite is true and that perpetual growth in the economy and population is taking humanity toward a future of scarcity, hardship and dangerous environmental decline. Why are our leaders and media commentators so determined to persist with an economic system that defies the most basic laws of mathematics and physics? What can we do to wrestle the future direction of human-ity onto a more sustainable trajectory? Come and hear Richard Heinberg explore some of the most profound questions confronting human civilisation. Introduced by, and in conversation with, Dick Smith at 6.30pm Tuesday 18 September, Guthrie Theatre, University of Technology Sydney, 702-730 Harris Street, Ultimo. Optional donation ($5-10 suggested) Inquiries: 02 9680 3245

Richard speaks in Sydney again at 2pm, Saturday 29 September, Sydney Opera House, Festival of Dangerous Ideas. He is also speaking in Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

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