Positive Steps to a Steady State Economy

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Dear CASSE members and friends,

Here is our update on our book Positive Steps to a Steady State Economy. Our first production copy of the finished book is in front of us, and it is looking pretty good, all 444 pages! First of all, our sincere thanks to all of you who supported the Kickstarter program to finance our initial production costs, including the cartoons by ‘Polyp’. In an exciting development, a very generous CASSE NSW member has made a major donation so that we can send a Special Parliamentary Edition to members of Parliament. This will have a message in front from famous ecological economists Herman Daly, Brian Czech, Joshua Farley, Dan O’Neill and Peter Victor. That is a great start but we want to go further to get the book ‘out there’.

We have drawn up a list of groups and people to whom we will give free copies. So far we have on this list:

  • Selected key media personnel if they will come to our launch evening (see below) or mention it in their media outlet (or both);
  • Key people in environmental and conservation groups;
  • Key people in unions or political parties (other than Parliamentarians)
  • Key people in the fields of education and academia
  • Any other people whom we really want to get thinking and talking about this issue.

The book will be launched at 6.30 pm on July 17th at the UTS Loft Room, 15 Broadway, Ultimo (books for sale at $20 each). There will also be a Brisbane launch at a date to be determined (check here for updates: https://neweconomy.org.au/events/). The book is also availbale for $17.78 plus $8 postage via: http://www.lulu.com/shop/haydn-washington/positive-steps-to-a-steady-state-economy/paperback/product-23210442.html but books will be available at the UTS launch for just $20.

Will you join with us in three ways to make our book known? Firstly, suggest to us particular environmentalists, media people, others, to whom we should definitely send a complimentary copy. Secondly, come join us at our Sydney launch. Thirdly, could you donate $25 to cover the posted cost one of our free copies (as above) — and if you like, you can nominate the name of the recipient and we will ensure that person gets a free copy. Get in touch with us at steadystate.nsw@gmail.com

Finally, talk about the book, show your copy to others, and also: tell us of any other things you can think of that we can be doing as well. Let’s make a real positive impact!

Haydn, Anna, and the CASSE NSW Committee.

If you can’t wait to see the book you can download a low resolution copy.


Book launch: Demystifying Sustainability by Haydn Washington


You are cordially invited to the launch of

Demystifying Sustainability: Towards Real Solutions

By Dr Haydn Washington

Where: Gleebooks, 49 Glebe Point Road, Glebe

When: Sunday March 15th, 3.30 for 4 pm

RSVP to http://www.gleebooks.com.au/BookingRetrieve.aspx?ID=205253 or events@gleebooks.com.au

‘Demystifying Sustainability’ will be launched by:

Professor Stuart Hill

Foundation Chair of Social Ecology, University of Western Sydney

Followed by a conversation on ‘sustainability’ between the author and A/Prof Mark Diesendorf, Institute of Environmental Studies, UNSW

‘Sustainability’ may be the most important word in our language, and also the most misused.  This brilliant, deep, accurate, well-referenced book should do wonders to rectify that. It should be required reading for every high-school student, CEO, and politician.

Paul and Anne Ehrlich, Stanford University, USA

Get 20% off your copy of the book using this voucher: Demystifying SustainabilityFlyer

Enough is Enough, the movie

The film Enough is Enough, based on the book (by Rob Dietz and Dan O’Neill) with the same name, was launched on 29th January 2014.

The film includes interviews with leading economists, politicians, and sustainability thinkers such as Tim Jackson, Kate Pickett, Andrew Simms, Natalie Bennett, and Ben Dyson. It is produced and directed by film-maker Tom Bliss, and includes illustrations by cartoonist Polyp.

You can watch it for free on YouTube:


‘Human Dependence on Nature’ book launch

The book launch for ‘Human Dependence on Nature’ By Dr Haydn Washington will be on Sunday Oct 21st, 4.30 pm at the NSW Writers Centre, Callan Park, Rozelle.

The book will be launched by John Seed, philosopher and activist.

RSVP to haydnwashington(at)bigpond.com

‘If high-schoolers could not graduate without having  read this book, our chances of survival would begreatly enhanced.’

Dr Mathis Wackernagel, President, Global Footprint Network

‘When you’ve finished Human Dependence onNature you’ll be impressed too – and want to givea copy to everyone you know.’

Professor Paul R. Ehrlich, Stanford University, California

 ‘Read this book! Enable posterity to respect us,their ancestors, for our wisdom, instead of loathingus for our obstinate fantasies.’

Professor William R. Catton, Jr., Washington State University

Location of NSW Writers Centre is in Callan Park off Balmain Rd, Rozelle. Enter via Park Drive (opposite Cecily St) and walk along South Crescent. Transport: Lots of parking available or buses are 500502, 504508 from Town Hall to Darling St, Rozelle.