The NSW Chapter of CASSE meets in Sydney. Meetings will be held roughly every two months. Details of the next meeting are below. New people are very welcome, but please RSVP if you would like to come along (so we have an idea of the numbers).

CASSE NSW meeting

Date: Saturday 9th February, 2019

Time: 2pm to 3:30 pm

Place: Royal Hotel in Darlington (upstairs meeting room)

To RSVP for the meeting please fill in the form below:





One thought on “Next meeting

  1. Brian Czech has asked for money to keep CASSE gong. I think that we should get a copy of the annual statement, work out how much is needed and work out a plan to get it. It will involve all the CASSE chapters. In doing so, we can put forward our steps plan to the other CASSE chapters and get them involved as well. This may give them a sense of purpose and direction.
    Jeff Lean

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